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A New Path is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star: Spectrum story set in an alternate universe. It is in the same universe as "The Final Prophecy".


In an alternate universe where the Federation has lost the war with the Dominion a lost Terri Letac finds a new lease on life.

Background information

  • It was originally as part of the "Tales From the Farthest Star" anthology created during NaNo 2013. It was made up of numerous stories based on Weekly Free Write prompts from the Ad Astra forums. This was based the 4th prompt, which was to start the story with the sentence "This was the last place in the universe s/he wanted to be".
  • This story was the fourth in the "Tales From the Farthest Star" to be posted on The Farthest Star blog. Due to being in an alternate universe it was the only one of the completed "Tales" to go straight into the rebranded Star Trek: The Farthest Star series. It was later moved into the Spectrum series.

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