Aimee Wessling

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Aimee Wessling was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. She trained at the Academy as a counsellor.

Aimee Wessling was born to Bruce and Julie Wessling in 2343. She grew up in a house in the suburbs of San Francisco.[1]

In 2360, she attempted to apply for early admission to Starfleet Academy, but was unable to due to her parent's refusal to give their consent with her application. Her parents were against this as only a few years previous Aimee's older brother had been killed while serving in Starfleet.[1]

The following year when she was old enough not to require their permission she applied and was accepted into the Academy. By going against her parent's wishes she caused a major split in her relationship with them, which saw them kick her out of their home.[1]


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