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This article contains information from multiple realities

B'hala was an ancient city on Bajor. The city was buried for thousands of years before being rediscovered by Benjamin Sisko in 2373.[1]

Alternate realities

In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War, excavations of B'hala were abandoned following the death of Sisko and the darkening of the orbs. The only people who used the caverns were criminals and the infrequent surveyor checking on their state.

In 2394, Jake Sisko saw the caverns in an orb experience where he was led to an alcove where his "father" urged him to bring about the Reckoning. Jake was able to convince Kai Winn Adami to get him permission to enter the caverns. Jake was given a guide, Letac Vari, for his trip but used his memories from the orb experience to guide him to the alcove. There he found a tablet that prophesied the Reckoning. Letac and Jake removed the tablet to take it for further study but were taken into custody by Bajoran Security once they reached the surface.[2]


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