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Bajoran Security was the Bajoran law enforcement agency.

Part of its duties included locating missing persons.[1]

Alternate universe

In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War, Bajoran Security took over some of the duties of the Bajoran Militia after the Militia was disbanded after Bajor joined the Dominion.[2]

Part of Security's new responsibilities were the running of Gateway Station and patrolling of Bajoran space. To assist in that they also absorbed the crew of the station from the Militia as well as a small number of starships and their crews.[2]

By 2394, Security were operating Shakaar-class patrol ships.[2]

In 2394, Bajoran Security took Jake Sisko and Letac Vari into custody for questioning by the Dominion after they finished exploring the B'hala caverns in 2394. They transported Jake to Gateway Station with the tablet they had found and released Letac.[2]

During the Reckoning crisis on the station Bajoran Security were unable to stop a Kosst Amojan possessed Dukat from a rampage on the station's promenade. After the Kosst Amojan and Prophet began their battle Security evacuated the station due to the risk of its destruction due to the battle between the powerful beings.[2]

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