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The Battle of Korvat was an engagement between the Federation and Klingon Empires in the Korvat system during the Federation-Klingon War of 2372-73.


The Klingon Empire attacked the Federation controlled Korvat system as part of an offensive launched when they broke an earlier brokered ceasefire. Ten ships were involved in the attack and the Klingons initiated a planetary invasion of Korvat III. The system was meant to be defended by the Starfleet Eleventh Fleet, but it was otherwise engaged or retreating from other Klingon forces leaving only the stationed battalion of Starfleet Ground Forces to defend the world.[1]

Starfleet dispatched the 3rd Cruiser Wing, 24th Tactical Wing, Fourteenth Fleet to go to the aid of the defenders. This force's arrival resulted in the destruction of all, but a single Raptor-class escort. The wing then deployed security forces from their vessels to assist on the surface against the now isolated Klingon invaders.

The 3rd set up a makeshift tachyon detection grid out of modified probes in the system to act as a warning of any attempt by the Klingons to return while cloaked. The grid was partially effective as several Klingon vessels failed to sneak through, though a Vor'cha-class heavy warship was able to penetrate undetected. The Klingon forces then lured the Starfleet defending cruisers into several engagements near the grid, which allowed the Vor'cha to attack the undefended carrier, USS Andrew Fisher, in orbit of Korvat III.

Overcome Squadron abandoned its position monitoring the grid to assist the Andrew Fisher. This allowed several Klingon ships to slip through the grid and flank the other Starfleet ships. The resulting engagements kept these ships from moving to help the Andrew Fisher. Only the sudden arrival of reinforcements in the form of the 137th Tactical Wing, Twentieth Fleet saved the Andrew Fisher and probably the rest of the 3rd Cruiser Wing from having to either retreat or be destroyed.

The 137th relieved the 3rd Cruiser Wing from defending the system. The Federation forces quickly defeated the remaining Klingon warriors on Korvat III and resecured the planet. After the ceasefire was reinstated the captured warriors on Korvat III were returned to the Klingon Empire.[1]

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