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The Cardassian Guard was the military forces of the Cardassian Union.

Members of the Cardassian Guard trained at the Cardassian Military Academy.[1][2]

The Cardassian Guard's authority came from Cardassian Central Command, headquartered on Cardassia Prime.[3]

After the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion the Cardassian Guard was absorbed into the Dominion military.

Cardassian Orders

The Cardassian Guard organised its forces in a number of orders. They were made up of approximately between 500,000 to a million personnel. Orders were a unified command comprising of both space and ground based forces.[4]

Orders could have between 50 to 1,000 starships under their command. These ships would be grouped into shodaro (fleets) whose commander would report to a supreme jagul or gul in the order. The ground forces were similarly organised with the various jhorgator's reporting to a supreme commanding arjagul in the order.[4]


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