The Excelsior-class was a type of exploratory cruiser the entered service with the Federation Starfleet in the 2280s and would continue to serve well into the 24th century.

The prototype vessel, the USS Excelsior (NX-2000) was designed to test Starfleet's new transwarp drive.[1] The drive would prove to be a failure and the class was equipped with standard warp drive and the class was originally classified as an explorer.[3]

While the class received a refit in 2293 the original configuration proved to be highly adaptable allowing it to remain in service well into the 2370s. Though by then the design was reclassified as an exploratory cruiser.[2]

Enterprise-B refit

In 2293, the first refitted Excelsior was launched, the USS Enterprise-B.[4]

The refitted Excelsior had several design changes over the original such as the inclusion of a a second impulse engine at the rear of the saucer section and redesigned warp nacelles to improve the ship's performance at warp speeds.[4][3]


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