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Fifth Fleet's emblem

The Fifth Fleet was a numbered fleet in the Federation Starfleet active during the 24th century.


From at least 2310, the Fifth was stationed along the Romulan Neutral Zone.[1]

By the 2330s, the fleet had moved from the Romulan Neutral Zone to the Federation's spinward, coreward border. In this decade the fleet was involved the conflict with the Tzenkethi Coalition. Following the conclusion of the conflict it was based out of Starbase 621 near the Tzenkethi border.[1]

Map of the Federation borders with the Cardassian Union and Tzenkethi Coalition

The Fifth was heavily involved in the Federation-Cardassian War. In the early parts of the conflict it provided several tactical wings to support the Starfleet forces engaging the Cardassians. In the 2350s its operational zone was extended to include part of the Federation-Cardassian border and it moved its headquarters from Starbase 621 to be closer to the Cardassian theatre.[1]

In the late-2350s and early-2360s the Fifth was involved in fighting along the Cardassian border and with another war with the Tzenkethi.[1]

In 2371, Admiral Salok became the commander of the Fifth Fleet.[2] He replaced Admiral Victor Harvey.[1]

During the Dominion War the Fifth fought along the Vulcan border. It later redeployed to Starbase 375 and took part in Operation Return.[3][4]

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