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Jasis was a Vorta commander in service with the Dominion.

Jasis 1

The first Jasis was created on Kurill Prime during the 2000s. Several of her successors were also created on the planet.[1]

Jasis 11

Jasis 11 was killed in 2368 during a planetary invasion operation conducted by the Dominion. Her ship was crippled while descending through the atmosphere resulting in it crashing to the surface and killing all aboard.[1]

Jasis 12

Jasis 12 was activated in 2368 on a planet located on the other side of the Dominion from the Bajoran wormhole.

In 2369, she was dispatched to Iorath to work towards convincing the Iorathites to allow the Dominion to set up a base in their home system. A part of that mission her entered into an affair with Kodah, a minister in the National Assembly of Iorath.

While attending a function for new visitors to Iorath she encountered a delegation from the USS Proxima. Upon learning of the size and scope of the United Federation of Planets from Captain Juan Acero of the Proxima she kidnapped him for further interrogation.

After capturing the Proxima following it pursing her vessel Jasis contacted her superiors with what she had learned. She was ordered to maintain her position and wait for other Dominion vessels to arrive and take possession of the Proxima and its crew. She was then to return to Iorath and delivering an ultimatum: they would immediately give the Dominion what they wanted or the Dominion would take it by force.[1]


By the time of her twelfth iteration Jasis had developed several eccentricities from what was considered ot be standard Vorta behaviour. She had come to develop a sense of aesthetics and was fond of lavishness. She also enjoyed adopting the styles of species she interacted with, which was something considered by other Vorta and the Jem'Hadar as uncouth.

Jasis developed a favourable reputation amongst the Jem'Hadar. She was considered a capable and fair commander who treated the Jem'Hadar with more respect.[1]