Kaferians were a species of insectoids native to the planet Kaferia.[1]


Kaferians as insectoids had a hard exoskeleton with some being a deep olive green in colour. They had a pair of antennae on their heads along with large, black compound eyes and mandibles. [2]

Kaferians had a shorter lifespan than humanoids, such as Humans. Their life away from their home-nests was also restricted by "the phase". The phase could start at any point after they reached twenty-seven years of life and it required them to return to their home-nests or face a premature death.[2]

Kaferian communicated verbally by fast, high pitched clicking. Scent was also very important in expressing emotive components. Universal translators did not take this into account and it resulted in their translated speech to be flat in tone. To compensate for this (and the lack of recognisable Humanoid facial expressions) they would often explicitly state their current emotions when speaking to non-Kaferians.[2]



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