Kira Nerys

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Kira Nerys was an officer in the Bajoran Militia following the Occupation of Bajor. During the occupation she fought in the Bajoran Resistance. She served as Bajoran liaison officer to Starfleet on the Federation-administered station, Deep Space 9. In 2375, she was given command of the station following the disappearance of her predecessor.[1]

Alternate realities

In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War, Kira managed to escape the station after the failure of Operation Return. She became head of a resistance moment against the Dominion and gained notoriety over the years as the last warrior of a long resolved war. She had twice been pronounced killed by the Dominion, only to return to launch a terrorist attack.[2]

Over the years she kept an eye on Jake Sisko out of loyalty to his father.[2]

In 2394, she was rumoured to be in the Tong Beak Nebula, though she was no where near the nebula. After she learnt of Jake's detention by the Dominion and the discovery of the Reckoning Tablet she travelled to Gateway Station. Once there Morn allowed her to secretly meet with Jake in the backroom of his bar. She attempted to get Jake to help her but he refused, not wanting to complicate his life, she warned him that "(he) could not avoid his destiny".[2]

Kira met with Jake again to convince him to help after Bajor started to suffer nature disasters that were attributed to the tablet been removed from Bajor. Together with Kai Winn they convinced him to try to get Weyoun to return the tablet. Kira also handed Jake a transponder to tag the tablet with in case he could not convince Weyoun allowing for Kira's people to steal it.[2]

While waiting for Jake to fulfil his role Kira went to the station's temple to pray to the Prophets and was confronted by Skrain Dukat, who blamed her for the death of his daughter and had spent the last twenty years pursuing her. The two fought with Kira coming out triumphant. Before Kira could finish Dukat once and for all he was possessed by the Kosst Amojan, healed and revived. Using his new power Dukat overpowered Kira and straggled the life out of her.[2]

Kira was meant to serve as the Prophet's instrument for the Reckoning and when her deceased body was found by the Prophet it was unsure what to do. It was unable to heal or revive her due to the Kosst Amojan "denying" the Prophet her use.[2]


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