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The phaser was the standard energy weapon used by the United Federation of Planets throughout the latter half of the 23rd century and throughout the 24th century. The technology was also fielded by other species.

Hand-held phasers

In the mid-23rd century, Starfleet introduced type 2 and type 3 phasers, replacing the older laser weapons used by Starfleet personnel. Many other species used phaser pistols and phaser rifles.

  • Phaser rifle
  • Phaser pistol
  • Type 1 phaser
  • Type 2 phaser
  • Type 3 phaser

Starship phasers

Phaser weapons on starships entered service at least by the 2330s.[1]

Phaser banks were the main weapons on Starfleet vessels throughout the 23rd century. By the 24th century phaser arrays replaced phaser banks on starships. Following Starfleet's engagement with the Borg in 2366 they developed the pulse phaser cannon, which fired powerful concentrated phaser blasts.

Until the 2370s the type-X phaser array was the most powerful phaser weapon employed on starships. More powerful types of phaser existed but their size saw them installed on large space stations or as planetary defence weapons. However, Federation technology improved so that the type-XII phaser array could be adapted to use on a starship with the Sovereign-class the first to be equipped with the type-XII.


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