Planned fiction are pieces that have been announced. These pieces include both works-in-progress and stories on hold.


Works-in-progress are stories that are currently being worked on.

Title Year (Stardate) Synopsis
Star Trek: The Farthest Star
"One is the Loneliest Number" Unknown A man ponders his isolation from emotions and existence. His only connection to life is through his dreams where life is nothing like it appears when he is awake.
"Olympia Descending" 2371 Jase Collins is one of three survivors of the crash of the USS Olympia. Trapped on a hostile world and with no way to contact help they struggle for survival.
"A Clean Break" 2370 Thurston Reed arrives on Starbase 890 looking to join a colonisation mission.
"Feeling the Heat" 2369 (46445.01) The USS Swiftfire is assisting a Federation colony when the colony is attacked by pirates. Crippled and without their commanding officer the crew rush to repair the ship and rescue the colonists from the slavers.

On hold

Stories on hold are pieces that have been started, but have currently been shelved in favour of working on other pieces.

Title Year (Stardate) Synopsis
Star Trek: The Farthest Star
"Foundations of Empire" 2364 The USS Marlborough finds itself embroiled in a murderous plot around the successor to a independent state that borders the United Federation of Planets and Gorn Hegemony.
"Rex Mortuus Est" 2372 Rex Callan is ex-Starfleet and now ex-Maquis and just wants to be left alone. However, he's about to find out that the past is harder hide from than it is to forget.
"The Living Past" 2370 While on a bio-survey the USS Swiftfire discovers starship wrecks that date back to before the birth of the United Federation of Planets. When two of the crew find themselves back in time living the events that they know no one will survive.
"The Darkness Within" 2372 The USS Swiftfire is part of the task force that reinforces Deep Space 9 after the Klingon Empire attacks the station. The crew find themselves having to face a renewed Klingon threat along the Federation-Cardassian border.
"There's No Angels Here" 2374 While on a mission inside the Badlands the USS Swiftfire-A is attacked by three Vendoth warships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run the Swiftfire's situation looks grim but unknown to the crew there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.

Pre-reboot Swiftfire

Stories from Star Trek: Swiftfire before the reboot generally all fall into this category. To keep this article simple and uncluttered those will only be added once actual work has started on them.

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