Ripples is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star short story that focuses on the Harbinger.


The Harbinger sees a future that cannot be allowed to occur with only one way to stop it - the death of one man.

Background information

  • It was originally as part of the "Tales From the Farthest Star" anthology created during NaNo 2013. It was made up of numerous stories based on Weekly Free Write prompts from the Ad Astra forums. This was based the 6th prompt, which was on the theme of nightmares.
  • This story was released when Star Trek: Swiftfire was renamed to Star Trek: The Farthest Star and the series' continuity was rebooted. Due to the time travel it was able to represent a "reboot event", though it has not be decided if the old continuity still "exists" or not.
  • The story was released on both the The Farthest Star blog and the The Farthest Star website.

Appearances and mentions

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