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Spectrum is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star title used to label stories that take place in an alternate universe from the main TFS timeline.

The Final Prophecy universe

The following stories take place in an alternate universe that originated in "The Final Prophecy". This timeline branched off from the main timeline during Operation Return in 2373. The critical event is the destruction of the USS Defiant in the Bajoran wormhole and the failure to prevent the Dominion from reinforcing its position in the Alpha Quadrant.

Title Year (Stardate) Synopsis
"A New Path" 2376 In an alternate universe Terri Letac finds a new direction in her life after the fall of the Federation.
"The Final Prophecy" 2394 In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War Jake Sisko finds himself on a path of prophecy and destiny.

Star Trek: Unity universe

Star Trek: Unity was a crossover Swiftfire was involved with. They are based on the continuity before SWF was merged into Star Trek: The Farthest Star and the continuity rebooted. As such they are currently considered to be in an alternate universe from TFS.

It is planned for these stories to be eventually rewritten to be consistent with TFS.

Title Year (Stardate) Synopsis
"The True" 2374 While on a mission inside the Badlands the USS Swiftfire-A is attacked by three Vendoth warships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run the Swiftfire's situation looks grim but unknown to the crew there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.
"United We Stand" 2376 The USS Swiftfire-A joins the Federation forces in the Sol system as the Vendoth armada approaches for the final and crucial battle of the conflict.

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