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The emblem of Starfleet Command.

The Federation Starfleet was the military and exploration arm of the United Federation of Planets. Formed in 2161 Starfleet was tasked with defending the Federation's territory and members as well as expanding the realm of scientific knowledge through the further exploration of the universe.

Starfleet operated many starbases and outposts to support its operations throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It also fielded thousands of starships that operated in a range of missions, from sector and planetary defence, exploration, scientific study, logistically support, to diplomatic missions. While Starfleet operated specialised vessels it highly valued a multi-mission approach to starship design that saw many of its vessels apt at performing combat operations as well as scientific missions.


Officer candidates for Starfleet had to complete training through the Starfleet Academy, which had its headquarters in San Francisco. Enlisted members also have to undertake training, though not necessarily at the Academy.


Starfleet was presided over by Starfleet Command, which was headquartered at Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, Earth. Heading Command was a Commander in chief.

Starfleet organised its starships into numbered fleets that contained several hundred vessels. These fleets were made up of several tactical wings, which could be broken down into wings and squadrons.[1] The fleet also used task forces, though these tended not to be permanent ship groupings.

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