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A group SFC of Peregrine-class attack fighters.

The Starfleet Starfighter Corps (also referred to as SFC) was a division within Starfleet was that was concerned with the organisation and use of attack fighter units.


During the 2360s and 2370s the primary craft used by the SFC was the Peregrine-class.


SFC organised its forces into the following units: squadrons , wings, and groups. A standard squadrons was made up of twelve fighters. A wing was two or more squadrons and a group was two or more wings. Each squadron could be broken down into flights (up to four fighters) and flight elements (two fighters).

Ranks and insignia

Ensign 2373 - ENS (SFC).PNG
Lieutenant junior grade 2373 - LTJG (SFC).PNG
Lieutenant 2373 - LT (SFC).PNG
Lieutenant Commander 2373 - LCDR (SFC).PNG
Wing Commander 2373 - CDR (SFC).PNG
Group Captain 2373 - CAPT (SFC).PNG
Air Commodore 2373 - CDRE (SFC).PNG