Susan Core was a Human Starfleet officer from the 24th century.

In 2369, Core was promoted to lieutenant commander and became the USS Bougainville's security chief replacing the outgoing Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Masters.[1]


Core had a very close relationship with Jonathan Masters that was developed over the two year period they served together on the Bougainville. She considered him her closest friend and while she was happy for his career advancement the fact it resulted in him leaving the Bougainville left her quite emotional.[1]


Core created a holoprogram called "Core Gift" as a present for Jonathan Masters when he left the Bougainville. As part of the program she created a hologram of herself and based it on her own personnel files, psychological profiles, and personal logs, so to create as accurate version of herself as possible. She also included the program knowing it was a hologram and not the real thing.[1]

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