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Swiftfire (SWF), formerly known as Star Trek: Swiftfire is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star series based around the adventures of the starship USS Swiftfire.

Originally the first story of Swiftfire was "The Darkness Within". However, with the reboot it was decided that it would cover more of the first Swiftfire whereas pre-reboot the focus was almost wholly on the USS Swiftfire-A. To facilitate this it was decided to start the series a few years earlier.


Title Stardate Synopsis
SWF titles02
"First Choice"
46416.7 (2369) With the imminent retirement of the USS Swiftfire's first officer Captain Eloise Allston looks to finding a replacement. However, her first choice is an unsuspecting candidate.


Title Stardate Synopsis
"Feeling the Heat"
46445.01 (2369) The USS Swiftfire is assisting a Federation colony when the colony is attacked by pirates. Crippled and without their commanding officer the crew rush to repair the ship and rescue the colonists from the slavers.
"The Living Past"
Unknown (2370) While on a bio-survey the USS Swiftfire discovers starship wrecks that date back to before the birth of the United Federation of Planets. When two of the crew find themselves back in time living the events that they know no one will survive.
SWF titles02
"The Darkness Within"
Unknown (2372) The USS Swiftfire is part of the task force that reinforces Deep Space 9 after the Klingon Empire attacks the station. The crew find themselves having to face a renewed Klingon threat along the Federation-Cardassian border.
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