Tales From the Farthest Star (TFtFS) was an anthology of short stories and novelettes based within the Star Trek: Swiftfire and then Star Trek: The Farthest Star continuity. Originally each tale was based on a Ad Astra Weekly Prompt until after the reboot when rewrites were also included.


A woman haunted by the dead. A man pushing to prove injury cannot diminish him. A love that will never be shared. A child dreams of his future. A home forever lost. A family begins. Life is full of joy and anguish, from here to the farthest star...


SWF Version TFS Version

Background information

  • Tales... was originally a NaNoWriMo 2013 project. The aim, apart from reaching 50,000 words, was to do 30 prompts in 30 days. The prompts selected were from the Ad Astra Fan Fiction Archives forum's Weekly Writes challenges. It was not finished during NaNo and became an ongoing project.
  • The first tale was released on the 17th of July, 2014 on the The Farthest Star blog.
  • Due to the reorganisation of Swiftfire into Star Trek: The Farthest Star only two of the six stories were initially considered to be part of the rebooted continuity, though the rest of the stories are still available at the TFS blog.
  • The TFS version also started to include rewrites of non-TFtFS stories with the first being "What Little Girls Are Made Of" along with new shorts based on the prompts and rewrites of stories from the SWF version of Tales....
  • Tale... was initially envisioned as the title under which all TFS short stories would fall under. However, it was decided that this distinction between general TFS stories was unnecessary and the title was retired in July 2018.[1]


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