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The Farthest Star fictioncovers general stories set within the Star Trek: The Farthest Star continuity.

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Title Year (Stardate) Synopsis
"Ripples" 2375 (52516.43) The Harbinger sees a future that cannot be allowed to occur and with only one way to stop it - the death of one man.
"Initiation" 2372 Rex Callan arrives on a backwater planet to meet a contact.
"Dissension" 2360-2361 Aimee Wessling tells her parents of her desire to join Starfleet.
"What Little Girls Are Made Of" 2359 Terri Renu gets help from an unexpected source in her search for information on her past.
"No Refunds" Unknown Letum is bleeding to death and is faced with the greatest fear of any Ferengi: having to refund a fee.
"Chariots of Korvat" 2373 Maxine Benton is part of the force scrambled to the Korvat system to secure and hold the system after it is invaded by the Klingon Empire.
"To Seek and to Be Found" 2369 The Vorta Jasis encounters the crew from an unknown empire.
"It's Always the Mushrooms" Unknown Federation Security Agents Marjol Rin'an and Pedra Dyclin deal with an outbreak of "bad mushrooms" on a Federation colony.

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