The Verdict of History was an anthology of short stories based within the Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity. It was released on the 1st of July, 2009. It was removed from the series after the reboot into Star Trek: The Farthest Star.


Background information

  • The stories were originally written for Star Trek: Swiftfire and released individually and had a restriction of being under 4,000 words. This restriction was due to one of the first stories being based on a story prompt that had that limit. When it was decided to do a number of shorts for an anthology the word limit was applied to all subsequent pieces.
  • Originally the the stories would have been based on the main characters of the Swiftfire, but it was changed to include several minor characters as it was unlikely some of them would be more then a background mention or their chances of reappearing were negligible.
  • These stories were not produced/released in any particular order. When they were collected for the anthology they were ordered by when they occurred in-universe from earliest to latest. They were only ordered once they were collected. This was by when they occurred in-universe from earliest to latest.
  • When collected into the anthology an additional framing story that was split into two parts to bookend the collection was added. It is the only piece that went over 4,000 words to to the addition of a "story within a story" in the second part.
  • Removed due to the reboot of the series there are currently no plans for this anthology to return. However, the individual stories have started to be rewritten and added to the new TFS continuity.
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