There's No Angels Here is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star: Spectrum novella that takes place in the alternate universe.

Due to the reboot and possible changes to the continuity this story is no longer being worked on.


In a parallel universe where Admiral James Leyton succeeded in his coup d'état against the Federation Council, the Federation is sent into a devastating civil war. Jonathan Masters leaves Starfleet after the loss of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125) and joins the Maquis in their struggle to protect their homes from the rampaging Klingon Empire. However, he has little interest in the fate of the Maquis or the Demilitarized Zone. He only has one goal: to gain bloody vengeance on those who have caused him pain: the Klingons.

Background information

  • This episode was originally written as part of an anthology set in the Star Trek: Pendragon universe. Later it was moved out of that universe into a new one that was inspired by Pendragon. The story was taken offline in 2013 to undergo these changes and due to the reboot has not returned.
  • The title comes from lyrics from the song, "Lost" by VAST.
  • While the story is set in an alternate universe the point of divergence is the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Paradise Lost" where Admiral Leyton's coup against the Federation Council was successful instead of failing. However, information from before this point of divergence is considered to have also happened in the main Swiftfire continuity.
  • The story was initially released in parts:
    • Prologue: 12th of March, 2009.
    • Part 1: 15th of June, 2009.
    • Part 2: 14th of December, 2009.
    • Part 3: 9th of January, 2010.
    • Part 4: 23rd of April, 2010.
    • Part 5: 13th of August, 2010.
    • Part 6: 2nd of November, 2010.
    • Part 7: 19th of June, 2011.

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