To Seek and to Be Found is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star novelette that focuses on Jasis.


The Vorta Jasis is on the planet Iorath as part of her never-ending mission to bring order to the universe where she encounters the crew from an unknown empire.

Background information

  • Originally this was the fourth story in the "The Verdict of History" anthology prior to the rebooting of the continuity. The original was released on the 2nd of February, 2009.
  • While the story was almost completely rewritten for TFS there were only minor changes when compared to the plot and structure of the original.[1]

Appearances and mentions


Acero, JuanGao, WeiHal'tarhaJasis 11Jasis 12KodahRasala


Alpha QuadrantBajoran wormholebridgebrigcitycolonyEarthGamma Quadrantholding cellIorathIorath systemKurill Primemain engineeringNational Assembly Building, Iorathtransporter roomYadera Prime

Starships and vehicles

Jasis 11's attack shipJasis 12's attack shipJem'Hadar attack shipJem'Hadar battle cruiserJem'Hadar carrierNebula-classUSS Proxima

Races and cultures


States and organisations

DominionFederation CouncilNational Assembly of IorathStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


2369aestheticsboarding actionbraceletbroochchief engineerclonecombadgecompanydeathdeflector shielddressexecutionFirstfishforce fieldhairstyleHigh MinisterinterrogationJem'Hadar riflejewelleryKetracel-whitekidnappingministerphased polaron beamphaser arrayplanetary invasionplatoonRona'atornRona'toranscience officerSecondserversquadStarfleet dress uniformsurrendertasteTeplan blightThirdtorpedo launchertransportertulaberry wineVara'atornVirtual display devicewarp drivewormhole


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