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Tora Ziyal was a half-Bajoran, half-Cardassian born to Skrain Dukat and his Bajoran mistress, Tora Naprem.

In 2366, Dukat had Ziyal and her mother sent away to Lissepia knowning that with the occupation of Bajor coming to an end neither would be accepted on Bajor or Cardassia Prime. The transport they were travelling on was brought down on Dozaria by Breen raiders. Ziyal survived the crash and with the other survivors was forced to labour in a dilithium mine.

In 2372, she was rescued by Kira Nerys and Dukat. Dukat initially planned to kill his illegitimate daughter to protect his career and family. However, after meeting her he found he could not and took her back to Cardassia with him.[1]

After the Dominion captured Deep Space 9 Ziyal moved to the space station to be close to her father. During this time Ziyal started to doubt that her father was the good man she believed he was and even turned on him, freeing a number of Dominion prisoners, including Kira, who went on to sabotage the station. When the Dominion decided to evacuate the station Dukat went looking for Ziyal, who informed him she would not leave with him. Damar overhearing this executed Ziyal on the spot for her treason.[2]

Alternate realities

In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War, after the failure of Operation Return Ziyal was executed for freeing prisoners from confinement. Ziyal took the full blame for the incident, testifying that she had threaten Quark with force to make him help her, which helped see him avoid execution.[3]


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