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Weyoun, a male Vorta.

The Vorta were a humanoid species that were genetically engineered by the Founders to act as diplomats, scientists, administrators and as military commanders for the Jem'Hadar of the Dominion.


The Vorta believed that they were originally a forest-dwelling ape-like creature. One day a family of these Vorta ancestors hid a Changeling that was fleeing a mob of solids. The Changeling promised the Vorta that one day the Vorta would be the head of a interstellar empire. The Changeling's promise was fulfilled and the Vorta were made into humanoids and placed in charge of running the Dominion.[1]

Most species dealing with the Dominion was through the Vorta. So much so that the Founders were considered a myth, even by members of the Dominion.[2]


The Vorta's most distinctive feature were their elongated ear ridges that ran down the side of their heads. They had purple irises. The Vorta had excellent hearing but relatively poor eyesight and a limited sense of taste. Vorta were also immune to many forms of poisons.[3][4][1]

Vorta were created with a lack of a sense of aesthetics.[3] Some Vorta, particularly those that interacted with other species frequently over an extended period of time, could develop a sense of aesthetics.[5]

The Vorta had a termination implant, which they could use to commit suicide if they were captured by the Dominion's enemies. Most Vorta when faced with capture will kill themselves knowing that a new clone will soon be released to continue their service to their gods.[1]

Some Vorta appeared to have telekinetic abilities.[6]


The Vorta were also blessed with a kind of immortality through the use of cloning. When a Vorta was killed the Dominion almost instantly replaced them with a clone that has the same memories and personality as the previous version. The Vorta consider this as a gift from their gods for their service.[4][1]

Many Vorta had at least one of the clones created at Kurill Prime.[5]

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