Warp drive

Warp drive was the most common from of technology that allowed for faster-than-light speeds. The warp drive was able to create a warp field around the ship encompassing it in a subspace bubble allowing the starship to exceed the speed of light. These velocities are referred to as warp factors.

The development of warp drive was a significant step in a culture's technological development. The

United Federation of Planets

's prime directive forbids contact with species that had yet to develop this technology, known as pre-warp civilisations.[1]

Warp drive components

  • Antimatter containment
  • Antimatter relay
  • Electro-plasma
  • Magnetic interlock
  • Nacelle
  • Plasma conduit
  • Plasma intercooler
    • Plasma coolant
  • Plasma regulator
  • Power transfer conduit
  • Power transfer grid
  • Warp field generator
  • Warp plasma conduit
  • Warp core / matter/antimatter reaction assembly
    • Antimatter injector
    • Dilithium crystal chamber
      • dilithium chamber hatch
      • dilithium crystal
      • dilithium articulation frame
    • Intermix chamber
    • Matter injector/deuterium injector


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